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Before I put up the windmill, I had a lot of pond scum or algae. Now, most of it is gone. We also love the ... View All
William Reese
 Roseville, CA
Welcome to Outdoor Water Solutions

Pond and Lake Products

EAU0190 low res 300x179 AboutLooking for a way to improve the health of your pond or lake?  Want to control your pond algae, bacteria, and odor in your pond and lake?  Dreaming of a pond or lake that is clean and clear for swimming, fishing, livestock or boating?  Outdoor Water Solutions can help with all your outdoor water and pond aeration challenges.  Outdoor Water Solutions aerators (electric & wind) provide exceptional pond aeration and pond algae control, which help to eliminate stratification and reduce the build up of muck and organic matter on the bottom of your lake and pond.

home windmill 213x300 AboutOutdoor Water Solutions pond aeration systems and products are designed to keep your water healthy while you enjoy your water. To keep ponds clean and healthy, water requires oxygen. Without it, water turns unhealthy resulting in fish kills, algae and bacteria growth and excess muck and organic matter on the pond bottom. You can prevent this by aerating with a windmill aerator, which works with nature to improve pond water with every turn of the windmill or by using one of our energy efficient AerMaster™ electric pond aerators. Pond aeration adds oxygen to the water, drives the natural pollutants to the surface freeing them from the water, while continuously circulating the water, which reduces stagnancy, stratification and improves the pond environment.  Outdoor Water Solutions accessories keep your pond healthy with pond dyes, all natural aerobic bacteria, muck pellets and windmill water pumps.

Outdoor Water Solutions offers high quality pond windmills, fish feeders, fountains, all natural pond care products and powder coated windmill aeration systems which can be customized for your particular farm, ranch, golf course, subdivision or park setting.  Take a look, you’ll find a complete line of pond and lake related products on our website with most of them also available through our large dealer network.

As part of our mission, we have developed with a team of engineers, a patent pending new technology for windmill pond aeration. New systems contain our new “BalCam” technology that revolutionizes the industry by significantly increasing the amount of air produced with a single diaphragm utilizing our new balanced camshaft system. For more information on this new breakthrough design, click on our Product Features Tab. (more…)

News & Updates

Beneficial Bacteria For Your Pond

Aeration has contributed great strides toward improving lake environments.  Another natural treatment gaining popularity to cleanse water is beneficial microbes, or bacteria. Microbes influence water quality as they interact with water chemistry, oxygen, circulation, and ... ...

Murky Pond? Causes & Options

Got a murky pond? Here are standard procedures pond doctors use to diagnose the source. ...

Algae Control: Aeration

Aeration is a great cost effective way to cut down the amount of algae in your pond. Aeration is a great way to de-stratify your pond or lake. Aeration prevents algae by increasing the movement ... ...

Algae Control: Mechanical

Mechanical solutions to pond algae are great for last minute algae removal. Whether raking, pulling, or skimming these labor intensive tasks get the job done. However, it is important to realize that this is only a ... ...

1 Gallon Blue Super Concentrated Pond Dye

$69.95 $64.95
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