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I installed a 20 foot, 3-legged wind mill at my farm pond a couple years ago from Outdoor Water Solutions and it works GREAT! Love it.
Chuck Grubbs
Lake Aeration Systems

There are many different types of lake aeration systems.  Outdoor water solutions offers a variety of aeration systems to ensure that you have the best products to find the right type of supplies for your pond.  Not only do we offer a large variety of electric aerators, we also have a new line of windmill aeration systems for a more efficient and low cost option.

Choosing the type of windmill aerator you need can be difficult.  We offer a variety to give you all of your options as to what is on the market.  From wood, to galvanized, we can help you find the right windmill for your lake aeration system needs.  Our Balcam system allows more airflow into the water from the windmill making this ideal for an aeration system on a lake.

Our website is not only an online store, but a tool to help you research and find out what system works best for your needs.  Be sure to do your research with the tools we have here, as well as other sites.  We are here to help if you have any questions so that you are happy with your choice for pond aeration!

Aeration systems for lakes

Find your perfect lake aeration system.

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AerMaster Pro 6

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