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I am extremely happy with the windmill and the customer service from Outdoor Water Solutions. I have noticed a tremndous change in my pond since ... View All
Bobby Mills
 Callaway, Virginia
Aeration Costs

Aeration Costs

What are the aeration costs of electric, solar and windmill aeration? This is a great question and the answer can be very simple or very complex. In a nutshell, cost is determined by a combination of up front capital investment, annual operating costs, annual maintenance costs and projected life expectancy.

Up front capital invested can range from as low as $500 for a small, shallow pond aeration system to as much as $8,000 or more for a larger system or a solar aerator. Operating cost is dependent on the number of amps needed to power an electric motor multiplied by the electricity cost in your area. Maintenance cost and life expectancy are the most subjective because of variability. Some electric aerators might run for 2-3 years without any major issues and others might run 5-7 years or longer.

The table below is based on a set of assumptions that is fairly representative of actual costs for a 1 to 2 acre pond or small lake. The average annual cost ranges from a low of $150.00 for a windmill aerator to $775.00 for a high quality electric aerator taking into consideration all annual costs + depreciation over a given products life expectancy. Each of these options has a place depending on what the objectives are for a given body of water.

Aeration OptionsCapital InvestmentAnnual Operating CostAnnual MaintenanceLife ExpectancyAverage Annual Cost
Electric Aerator$750$180$354 Years$402.50
$1,500$240$355 Years$575.00
$2,500$240$355 Years$775.00
Solar Aerator$2,995$0$5010 Years$349.50
$6,500$0$5010 Years$700.00
Windmill Aerator$1,500$0$7520 Years$150.00
$2,500$0$7520 Years$200.00
$3,500$0$7520 Years$250.00

Outdoor Water Solutions offers several electric aerator options as well as a broad range of windmill and solar aerators. For smaller ponds that are less than 1 acre in size and no more than 8 feet deep, you can purchase one of our LD 1.5 aerators for around $429.00. For ponds that are deeper than 8 feet or are between ¼ acre and 3 acres in size, you can purchase one of our AerMaster™ electric aerators or an AerMaster™ Deluxe for $1195 or $2195. The AerMaster’s come with a full three year warranty which is longer than most other electric aerators on the market.

If you’re looking for the lowest annual cost option, then it is hard to beat one of our wind driven aerators or Direct Drive™ solar aerators. These systems range in price from about $1,495 for a 20’ Galvanized windmill up to about $3,500 for our top of the line customized powder coated windmill with a 25’ Telescopic pole. We use a high quality galvanized steel designed to last a minimum of 15-20 years and probably much longer. Regarding maintenance costs, you can replace the diaphragm and check valves ($69.95) every 4-5 years if needed. Our compressors with their patent pending “BalCam II” Technology and stainless steel components carry a 5 year warranty on the crankshaft, piston and bearings. This is the longest in the aeration industry.

We have quite a few solar options available if you want to take advantage of the sun. Our Direct Drive™ solar aerators are cost effective and include our unique solar controllers to optimize performance in low light conditions. Our battery backup systems can operate for up to three days without sunlight and are manufactured in the U.S. with quality components.

There is a new option available for those of you that want to take advantage of wind or solar and still have continuous aeration available 24 hours a day. With our new Aerator Control Box, you can combine a windmill or solar aerator with any electric aerator and operate both through the same airline and diffusers. This is a new product in the pond aeration industry and is a real breakthrough in technology! When the wind blows, your pond or lake is aerated by the windmill or solar aerator. When the wind stops, the control box automatically turns on your electric aerator to continue the aeration process. When the wind picks back up or the sun comes out, the Aerator Control Box will turn off the electric aerator. This saves you money on electricity as well as wear and tear on your electric unit.

There are a lot of options out there for you to consider. Outdoor Water Solutions is a company that stands behind its product and believes in continual improvement and in bringing revolutionary new technologies to the market. Please give us a call and we will find a dealer in your area or answer any questions you may have.

Outdoor Water Solutions (1-866-471-1614).

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