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I really like my windmill! So does the family and neighbors. We had some ripping winds come through from the Southern hurricane. It tore down ... View All
Jerry Harrison
 Rockport, IN
Pond Conditioners vs. Chemicals

Pond Chemicals are used by many pond owners to get rid of nuisance pond algae and weeds. These chemicals are commonly called algaecides or herbicides.

These pond treatments have a short term affect to what is, in most cases, a long term problem. They may visually clean up the pond but do not get rid of the pond problem itself.

The real pond problem is the lack of oxygen and the excess nutrients and organic matter that result. This is what causes pond algae, stagnation and aquatic weeds to flourish.

Some pond chemicals are in fact toxic and in most states the person applying them to the pond requires a local application permit.

This is not the most environmentally and healthy way to treat your pond especially if you have children or fish in the pond.

Pond Conditioners and Windmill Aeration

Pond Conditioners are a combination of beneficial bacteria and enzymes that are applied to the pond. They help by breaking down the excess organic matter and nutrients that exist in most ponds.

Beneficial bacteria and enzymes are non-toxic and the pond owner does not require an applicators license to use these in their ponds.  This combined with aeration systems such as our windmills or electric pond aerators is the most cost effective and environmentally friendly way to maintain the health and cleanliness of your pond.

A long term approach to pond care is the only sustainable approach! Pond conditioners & windmill aeration systems can prevent the growth of pond algae, pond scum, and water stagnation.

Learn more about how to control pond algae in your pond.

For more information or to order by phone call toll-free: 1-866-471-1614

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