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The windmill has worked excellent for algae control. I have not had any fish kills since putting in the windmill. I assembled and installed the ... View All
Margerna Ellis
 Walnut Grove, Mississippi
Pond Products

Together with a team of seasoned biologists and water quality experts, OWS has created a simple, easy to use pond maintenance system made up of three principal components.

First, we offer a line of all natural bacteria products called OWS Lake & Pond Bacteria designed to help break down excess nutrients and organic matter throughout the whole pond which can help reduce algae and odor helping create a clean, clear pond.

Secondly, we offer several different all natural dyes and colorants OWS Lake & Pond Dyes, including blue and black that works to filter the sunlight which helps prevent weeds and algae from growing by naturally blocking the sun’s harmful UV rays. Available in both dry and highly concentrated liquid formulations.

Lastly, for swimming areas, docks, beaches and other high use areas offer a OWS Lake & Pond Muck Pellets that is high concentrated and focuses on attacking muck and sludge in specific areas. This is a great product and sinks right into the muck to do it’s job.

We have also added turtle traps, fish traps, weed rakes & weed cutters along with many items to get rid of geese, herons, turtles and other predators.



Algae & Weed Control

Bacteria Packs & Clarifiers

Fish & Turtle Traps

Muck Pellets

Pond Dye

Pond Maintenance Items

Pond Packs

Predator Control

What's New?

Aquathol Liquid Super K Herbicide 2.5 gallons

What is Aquathol K? Aquathol K is a ready-to-use, concentrated quick-acting contact herbicide which dissipates quickly and leaves no residue. Aquathol Sup ...

Gator Kickboard

Gator Kickboard This is an ultra-realistic Alligator head that is the greatest pool toy ever. Kids will love to play with it ...

Cutrine Granular - 30 lbs.

Cutrine Granular - 30 lbs. A 3.7% granular chelated copper algaecide ideally suited for treatment of bottom growing algae including Chara and Nitella and ...

Floating Gator

Floating Gator with Bright Red Reflective Eyes This is an ultra-realistic Alligator head that frightens away pond predators like herons, cormorants, egrets ...

Floating Gator JR

Floating Gator JR with Bright Red Reflective Eyes This is an ultra-realistic Alligator head that frightens away pond predators like herons, cor ...

Clipper Herbicide - 1lb.

Our #1 Choice for Watermeal Control - 1 lb. Container Clipper aquatic herbicide eliminates invasive floating weeds and submerged weeds, such as duckweed and ...

Perch Trap

The Outdoor Water Solutions Perch Trap is designed to catch any type of bait fish or perch you need. Using a sys ...

Catfish Trap

The new Outdoor Water Solutions catfish traps are in! This trap uses high grade galvanized wire, not found in other leading bra ...

Crawfish Trap

The brand new Outdoor Water Solutions crawfish trap is good for any day outdoors. Whether the occasion be for serious catching, or ...

 Bacteria Pack- 12 lbs.


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What's New?
  Quantum 1/2 HP Replacement Compressor