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We installed the windmill on our lake in September of 2007. Since then we have seen a huge improvement in water quality. The water is clearer ... View All
Redd Pork LLC
 Northeast Missouri
Windmill Replacement Parts

We manufacture and carry a full line of replacement windmill parts for not only our windmills, but also many of the other companies on the market. If you need a replacement diaphragm, check valves, blades, blade braces, tail fins, stake clamps, bearings, and even compressors,'ve come to the right place.

All of our replacement parts are manufactured in the U.S. to strict quality control standards and are guaranteed to work or your money back. Our prices are also much lower than purchasing from the original equipment manufacturer so why not save some money and buy here. Call our toll free number at 1-866-471-1614 or 1-479-756-1614 from Canada or you can order online.

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Replacement Windmill Head

Why not replace your existing windmill head with a new one? This is much cheaper than buying a complete system, especially if ...

Brand New Replacement Compressor

Why buy an older, outdated compressor when you can upgrade your unit to the latest patent pending design and pump 3 times mor ...

Rebuilt Compressor

Our technicians have taken these compressors apart and done a full rebuild. All bearing's have been upgraded and replaced. We've ...

Universal Head & Tail Assembly

Replaces existing head and tails on aeration windmills if you still have a good, working compressor. These parts are fully interchangeable wit ...

Replacement 1/4 hp Motor

Replacement electric motor for electric aerators. Fits the EL series and AerMaster electric aerators. High quality construction and manufactured by Emerson Ele ...

Replacement Hub Assembly

Why deal with 3 different "spider" brackets and support rings that are complicated to assembly and take 45 minutes to attach to ...

Bearing Replacement Kit

This kit includes 3 Replacement bearings and 6 flanges designed to fit single diaphragm and double diaphragm compressors manufactured in Canada. These are hig ...

Generation 1 Maintenance Kit

This is a replacement diaphragm and 3 insert check valves that fits a Generation 1 windmill originally manufactured in Canada. We use a hig ...

Maintenance Kit

Outdoor Water Solutions Windmill or AerMaster Maintenance Kit Maintenance kit fits any Outdoor Water Solutions Windmill or AerMaster with it's pat ...

Superior Windmill Maintenance Kit

This is a replacement diaphragm, 4 insert check valves and a replacement washer that fits Superior windmills. We use a high quality dia ...

Generation 2 & 3 Maintenance Kit

This is a custom made kit to fit aeration windmills. Includes instructions for Generation 2-4 Windmills and Electric aerators manufactured in Can ...

Generation 1 Diaphragm

This is a replacement diaphragm that fits a Generation 1 windmill manufactured in Canada. We use a high quality diaphragm manufactured by Gar ...

1/2" Pressure Relief Valve

The OWS pressure relief valve is made of all steel construction and is designed to work in the most severe conditions. Fit ...

3/8" Pressure Relief Valve

Outdoor Water Solutions has re-engineered the old style pressure relief valve (picture on top) to a newer version made of all ste ...

Universal Windmill Dome

This is a Universal Dome for Aeration windmills. Includes 4 Self Taping Screws for attachment to the front of hub assemblies or sup ...

Ground Stake Clamps (3 pairs)

Replaces your ground stake clamps on your windmill tower. Same quality and specs as the original equipment manufacturer. U.S. made to ...

Insert Check Valves (3 pack)

This is a high quality one way check valve that fits in aeration compressors and in foot valve assemblies. You can pur ...

OWS Windmill Blade

This 28" blade with an offset cut is designed to fit any Outdoor Water Solutions windmill. Our blades are longer, making our ...

Universal Windmill Blade

This is a 24" blade with two square ends. It is made with a high quality 18 gauge galvanized steel in the U.S ...

Universal Blade Brace

This is a Universal Blade Brace that measures 12 1/4" x 2 1/2" and is made of high quality 18 gauge galvanized steel. Guaranteed to ...

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