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The beauty and grandeur that my Outdoor Water Solutions windmill brought to my rural property was way more than I expected! It even makes my ... View All
Rodney Miller (Host - Small Town Big Deal TV Show)
 Ocilla, Georgia

Outdoor Water Solutions is pleased to provide educational resources, articles & videos, references and links to assist our clients with learning about the benefits of aeration.  Please click on any of the topics below.

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Video Channel

Want to know more about our windmills and aeration systems?  See our how to videos below. Who is Outdoor Water Solutions? function ping7() { var ping = new Image(); ping.src = ' ... ...

Common Windmill Q&A’s

Why does my windmill head rock back and forth? Usually, this happens when you have low wind speeds or winds coming from multiple directions vs. a head on wind.  The rocking back and forth is ... ...

2014 Catalog

Click here to access our 2014 Outdoor Water Solutions Catalog! Would you like a color copy of our catalog mailed to you?  Fill out the form below and we’ll send you one. Your Name (required) Yo ... ...

Pond Expert Bob Lusk

Bob Lusk is a lake and pond management expert, known as the Pond Boss ...

Want Your Pond to be Picture Perfect?

pond and lake aeration ...



More Articles

Pond Articles from industry experts.  Read on!  Know your Pond Life – Pond Maintenance and Care Tips Silt, Nature’s Pond Pudding Outdoor Water Solutions Windmills Not Just for Looks but Powering Pond Aerators ...

Owner Manuals

Outdoor Water Solutions offers assembly manuals for our products, and resource guides. Find out more. ...

Pond Algae

How to control algae in your pond with aeration ...

Healthy Ponds

Windmill Aeration is an ecomomic method to aerate your ponds and to keep them healthy. ...

Aeration Costs

What does it cost to aerate your pond with windmill aeration? ...

Golf Pond Aeration

How to maintain golf course ponds with windmill pond aeration in North America ...

Farm Pond Aeration

Outdoor Water Solutions sells windmill aeration systems and pond supplies for your pond and lakes ...

Windmill Pond Aeration

What is windmill pond aeration and why is it important for a healthy pond or lake ...

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Lake & Pond Muck Pellets 25 lbs

$279.00 $249.00
2014 Catalog

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